Sydney Batch

Sydney Jeanene Batch is a first-time candidate who lives with her husband and two sons in Wake County, NC.  An attorney by trade, she is one of three partners in Batch Poore & Williams, a firm that includes her husband as another partner.  She also holds a Masters degree in social work, which earned concurrently with her juris doctorate from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

In addition to her legal career, Batch briefly operated an Etsy page selling personalized baby clothes and blankets called To the Moon and Back LLC.  After incorporating in 2014, the limited-liability company never made any subsequent filings with the State of North Carolina.  The company was dissolved by the state in 2016, and the Etsy page also appears to be defunct.

Of note, Batch’s legal history includes representing several negligent parents who endangered their children. Her social media posts indicate support for liberal policies, including opposition to tax cuts.

Read the report here: Sydney Batch Summary

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