Rep. George Graham

George Washington Graham Jr. has represented Lenoir County in the North Carolina House since 2013. Previously, he served on the Lenoir County Board of Commissioners from 1982 until his election to the House.

Graham was the second child born to George Washington Graham and Mattie Lee Kilpatrick in the Kinston-area. His father was a long-haul truck driver. Graham and his wife, Patricia, were married in 1973 and had one child, George Washington Graham III, in 1978.   Soon thereafter, they were divorced. In 1988, Graham married Marilyn Jimmette.

The Grahams own several parcels in Lenoir County and earn rental income from them according to Statements of Economic Interest filings. In addition, Graham was employed as an administrator by Lenoir Community College and The Dobbs School.

Unfortunately, Graham’s public record reveals significant red flags in his example as a leader for our children. Additionally, Graham consistently aligns with liberal policy positions, most notably advocating for job-killing tax increases, with a few exceptions.

Graham’s legal record begins with two DWIs in the early 1990s. He was charged with giving alcohol to a minor in 1992 but that charge was later dropped. In July 2016, he was arrested and cited for DWI once again.

After refusing to accurately take a breathalyzer test, his license was revoked indefinitely and he was given probation for one year plus community service.

In late 2016, Graham petitioned the North Carolina DMV to return his license claiming that his confusion and unwillingness to cooperate on the scene stemmed from blood sugar issues and his Type-1 Diabetes. In the petition, Graham admits to drinking on the scene and tested positive for alcohol through an additional screening test. Graham further stated that he frequently suffers from confusion and agitation in his daily life because of the diabetes. The court ultimately agreed to return his license after one year. (The remainder of his driving record shows citations for speeding, expired tags, and not wearing a seat belt.)

The bulk of Graham’s political career has been defined by his 30 years as a Lenoir County Commissioner. What follows stems from available media sources in existing online databases. During his tenure on the County Commission, he advocated for tax increases and for expenditures that amount to a waste of taxpayer money.

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