Rep. Bobbie Richardson

Dr. Bobbie Jean Richardson has represented Franklin and Nash Counties in the North Carolina House since earning appointment in 2013.

Richardson was born the sixth child of Bob and Patti Mae Richardson in Castalia, NC on Christmas Day, 1949, though she uses December 24, 1949 as her birthday on many official documents.  An educator by trade, Richardson recently retired from Vance County as their Director of Exceptional Children, a special education-focused career.

Unfortunately, Richardson has a track record in support of liberal policies that would wreck North Carolina’s economy, waste taxpayer dollars, and harm public schools. Consider these key positions:

  • Banned prayer from school exercises like graduation ceremonies (6/2012)
  • In the General Assembly, Richardson voted against budgets which lowered taxes and raised teacher pay and co-sponsored legislation:
    • To allow school boards to raise taxes (HB 955, 2013)
    • To raise taxes specifically (HB 1210, 2013; HB 549, 2015; HB 900, 2015)
    • To give driver’s license to DACA beneficiaries (HB 393, 2013)
    • To give special privileges to illegal immigrants (HR 627, 2013)
    • To eliminate employer’s right to ask for criminal record in job application (HB 605, 2015)
    • To fund local campaigns with taxpayer funds (HB 621, 2015)
    • To give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants (HB 689, 2015)
    • To eliminate the death penalty for 1st degree murderers (HB 686, 2015; HB 604, 2017)
  • Marched with AFL-CIO and Moral Monday in 8/2013 Forward Together and 11/2013 Take Back Our State protests
  • Communicated in radical social media posts (documented below), with fringe conspiracies and extreme language that sets a bad example for school-age children

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