Reopening: Phase Two

With Phase Two well on its way, many wonder what this means for North Carolinians as our state slowly returns to normalcy.

Phase One removed the distinctions between essential and non-essential businesses and allowed retail businesses to open at 50% capacity while complying with CDC distancing guidelines. Phase Two, which began on May 22nd, showed greater movement. Here are the distinctives in the Governor’s order:

•  2-3 weeks after Phase One, beginning May 22nd

•  Lifted Stay-At-Home order 

•  Encouraged vulnerable populations to continue staying at home

•  Opened bars, restaurants, and personal care services with new restrictions

•  Increased capacity of establishments already operating

•  Opened public playgrounds. 

Phase Three is aimed to begin when the governor decides that Phase Two is working well enough. It is estimated that Phase Two will last four to six weeks after the end of Phase One, provided improvements are sustained. Under Phase Three, social distancing will still be encouraged while vulnerable populations will be recommended to remain home. Furthermore, churches, restaurants and many other entertainment venues such as movie theaters will see openings and increased capacity. As sports begin to return, the procedures and plans laid out by league representatives will have to work alongside state and local governments to transition back to action. 

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