Needed Relief for Small Business

This week, the North Carolina House of Representatives Finance committee recommended two COVID-19-related bills (H.B. 1034 and H.B. 1039) which focus on small-business loans. Other benefits of the bills include easing unemployment-claim requirements and waiving tax-filing deadlines.

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Equality in Education

Legislation passed the House yesterday afternoon that would prohibit North Carolina’s public schools from promoting tenets of what has become popularly known as “Critical Race Theory” or CRT. House Bill 187, “Equality in Education,” is sponsored by Representative John Torbett, who serves as a chairman of the House Education K-12 Committee. “House Bill 187 demonstrates the General Assembly’s intent that

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Preserving Choice for Energy Consumers

Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Representatives Dean Arp, Jason Saine, Michael Wray, and Charles Miller that preserves choice for energy consumers was debated and passed in the House yesterday afternoon. House Bill 130 prevents local governments (including counties and municipalities) from adopting any ordinance that prohibits the connection, reconnection, modification, or expansion of an energy service based on the type or

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Getting Tough on Rioting and Civil Disorder [Updated]

Bipartisan legislation has emerged from the General Assembly once again that seeks to strengthen criminal penalties for rioting and civil disorder. House Bill 40 has passed both the House (75 to 43, with 118 of 120 members voting) and Senate (27 to 16, with 43 of 50 members voting) and now heads to the desk of Governor Roy Cooper. It

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The Forecast: Sunny With a 100% Chance of Surplus

The latest Consensus Revenue Forecast came out last week, projecting that an extra $3.25 billion will flow into the state’s coffers by June 30, the end of the 2023 fiscal year. This represents a one-time 10.7% increase in revenue over the prior fiscal year, and roughly equal to the 10.8% increase from the year before that. “The surplus projected in

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