Conservative Reform is Working

Top 10 Signs Conservative Policies Have Transformed NC:

  1. North Carolina has a $356 million surplus.
  2. North Carolina has a record $1.8 billion rainy day reserve.
  3. North Carolina a top-10 state for wage growth according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.
  4. North Carolina added 85,000 jobs over a one-year period in March.
  5. North Carolina moved from 44th to 11th in Tax Foundation rankings.
  6. North Carolina has ‘AAA’ credit rating from all three ratings agencies.
  7. North Carolina named ‘Best State for Startups’ by Fit Small Business.
  8. North Carolina is a top-5 state for business in CNBC rankings.
  9. North Carolina won the 2017 Prosperity Cup by Site Selection Magazine.
  10. North Carolina named the Best State for Business by Forbes. 
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