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Archives Voting with their Feet (and their Heels) September 23, 2022

North Carolina will gain a seat in the next Congress thanks to an additional 900,000 souls who now call the Tar Heel state home. The question is why? Based on population shifts reflected in the 2020 Census (and despite some fudged numbers), we join a handful of states which will have increased representation due to significant population growth over the

When Will Washington Come to its Census? September 16, 2022

Earlier this year, the U.S. Census Bureau admitted that it got the 2020 numbers wrong — overcounting or undercounting people by as much as 6.8% — in more than a quarter of the states comprising its Population and Housing Census, the official count of the nation’s population which happens every ten years.  According to its 2020 Post-Enumeration Survey Estimation Report,

Dems Da Rules August 26, 2022

We have an update to our April 26 story “One Promise President Biden is Keeping,” which reported on a set of then-proposed rules by the federal Department of Education that would have a deleterious effect on the nation’s charter schools, whose 3.4 million students are 70% Black and Hispanic. In spite of a public comment period of just 35 days

And Now the Good News August 5, 2022

On Wednesday we reported some bad news about the national economy. We spoke at length about the highest levels of inflation seen in forty years and briefly about the decline in the gross domestic product (GDP) over the last two quarters, which has been, popularly speaking, a harbinger of recession. But despite the storm clouds from Washington, the skies are