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Archives Needed Relief for Small Business May 20, 2020

This week, the North Carolina House of Representatives Finance committee recommended two COVID-19-related bills (H.B. 1034 and H.B. 1039) which focus on small-business loans. Other benefits of the bills include easing unemployment-claim requirements and waiving tax-filing deadlines.

New Ad: Not Done Yet May 5, 2020

Forbes magazine named our state the #1 state for business. Why? Because the conservative majority in the legislature has governed responsibly — cutting taxes and regulation, increasing teacher pay and education funding, and saving for emergencies. With conservative reformers in charge, our state’s best days are still ahead.

Why Fiscal Responsibility Matters May 2, 2020

The State of North Carolina recently released the latest financial report for April 2020. For fiscal year 2020 and the month of April specifically, tax revenue was $2.48 billion, down 35% by more than $1.3 billion compared to April 2019. Thanks to the legislature’s fiscally responsible approach in recent years, North Carolina is in a good position to address the challenges from

Reopening: Phase One May 1, 2020

With “Phase One” beginning May 8 at 5:00 pm., many wonder what this means for North Carolinians. Gov. Roy Cooper laid out more details Tuesday evening about moving forward into Executive Order 138, which modifies the initial stay-at-home order. Let’s take a look at what’s included and what should have been included. Most importantly, Phase One removes the distinction between

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